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HOW IT ALL STARTED: The ANNY story starts in 2011: empassioned for the perfect manicure and extraordinary colors and driven to deliver the hottest trends from America to Europe.

With this in mind, our international trend scouts in New York joined forces and have since been scouting trends in the creative fashion & lifestyle hotspots of Los Angeles, Miami and New York each year. We carry our mission as American Nails New York – including in our brand name. With ANNY, stay close to our travels, season after season, and experience the latest trends directly on your nails.

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ANNY is among the best-performing nail polish brands – and it’s easy to see why. We’re for people who love experimenting and reinventing themselves. People who can view the world anew from fresh perspectives and for whom nail polish transcends colors alone.

YOUR PASSION IS OUR MISSION – we want to give you the chance to express your individual personality and underline your own style. Hail the head-turning colorful nail art today and chill out with classic nude nails tomorrow – there are no limits. You are the artist, your nails are your canvas – let ANNY color your world!



SPOTTED! Each new ANNY collection is born from the hottest trends of our Creative Hotspots. Whether fashion, art, architecture or events – our trend scouts are everywhere where new trends emerge. Be there and immerse yourself in our world:

MIAMI guarantees a superlative rush of color: It’s colorful here – all year around. Symbols of summer, sun and beach life – a hub for creative artists and individualists. Its lifestyle, epic energy and colorful diversity are almost without equal.

NEW YORK is the world’s top fashion metropolis. Its quarterly fashion weeks are a magnet for the most famous designers, top models, bloggers and stars. Fashion fans can find year-round inspiration in the artists’ district of SoHo and shop in hip designer stores on 5th Avenue.

LOS ANGELES is where the stars hang out. Whether on the red carpet or exclusive parties – this is a venue of glitter and glamor galore! Always in the photographers’ sights, the stars themselves inspire with everyday looks and set new trends almost daily.

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BEST QUALITY FOR YOUR NAILS – ever since our professional nail polish brand ANNY was founded, we have striven to ensure the highest quality standards for all our products. Come what may, we aim to offer you premium professional quality that meets the highest standards. Which is why our nail polish is subject to strict quality control.

WE LOVE ANIMALS – ANNY never tests on animals.

From its inception, ANNY has never tested its cosmetic products on animals, and does not commission any animal testing. Alternatively, ANNY conducts internal application tests or patch (epicutaneous) tests on volunteers, which are then used to determine the local tolerability of a product.

Animal testing has already been banned for decorative cosmetic products since 1986 under the Animal Welfare Act. Since 1998, the scope was expanded to include all finished cosmetic products. Since March 2009, there has also been a corresponding ban on cosmetic raw materials – something ANNY very much welcomes. This sets out that raw materials developed for use in cosmetics may no longer be tested on animals with regard to their compatibility. To ensure across-the-board compliance with these regulations, ANNY also obtains confirmation from its upstream suppliers that they do not conduct any animal testing.

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Because loving nails means caring for them properly too. Our ground-breaking, high-quality and broad care assortment rounds off the colorful world of ANNY. Your nails are just as individual as you – which is why they need the special care you also deserve. Whatever your needs, ANNY has the right polish for you – simply use our Nail Care Finder and find your nail care of choice!



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