The safety of cosmetics during pregnancy is always taken into consideration during product development. However, do remember that your body may react more sensitively to external influences during pregnancy and when breast-feeding. If you have any concerns about your personal tolerance, please consult your dermatologist.

The thinner and more evenly the layers of nail polish are applied, the better it will dry. It is important to be patient. The first coat must be allowed to dry for between 3-5 minutes before the second one is applied. The nail polish is completely dry after approx. 10-15 minutes.

If there is an oil or grease film on the nail, the nail polish may contract after application. The nail should therefore be carefully cleaned several times with ANNY NAIL POLISH REMOVER before each application.

Nail polish can thicken if the bottle is not closed properly after use or if it is stored incorrectly. A few drops of nail polish thinner will restore brushability. Nail polish remover is not a suitable thinner.

‘ANNY does not conduct or commission any animal testing.* ANNY is against animal testing! *Animal testing has been banned on decorative cosmetics since 1986 under the German Animal Welfare Act. In 1998 it was extended to all finished cosmetic products. Corresponding prohibition regarding cosmetic raw materials was introduced in March 2011, and is warmly welcomed by ANNY! Pursuant to this legislation, raw materials developed for use in cosmetics may no longer be tested for compatibility on animals. Raw materials that were developed for cosmetics before this date were not necessarily tested on animals. Some, however, were tested with ‘in vivo’ experiments (on animals). In order to ensure that all future raw material testing is carried out only through ‘in vitro’ experiments (in test tubes), these procedures are continuously developed and new methods are researched. ANNY is not aware that any raw materials used in its products are tested using ‘in vivo’ experiments. In order to minimise incompatibility as much as possible, ANNY carries out internal application tests or patch tests (epicutaneous tests), which help to determine the local compatibility of a product.’

Normal room temperature is perfect for storing nail polish. If nail polish is kept in the refrigerator to make it last longer, it must be brought up to room temperature before using in order to ensure the optimum results.

The ingredients are listed on the folding box of the respective product. If a product does not come in a folding box, then a list of the ingredients will be available at the point of sale. We will also be pleased to inform you of the ingredients on request. Just email the exact product details to us at info@anny-cosmetics.com.

The base coat is the base for the nail polish, and protects both natural and artificial nails against discolorations. The base coat should be at least partly dry before you apply the colored polish.

ANNY products are available from Douglas and through the Müller online shop.


First of all, start by filing the nails  to the desired length using an ANNY nail file. You should avoid cutting nails with scissors, since this causes the keratin layer to crack and split. In order to maximise polish durability, the nail must be free from skin cells, old nail polish,  grease and dust. This can be achieved using the acetone-free NAIL POLISH REMOVER. It’s also worth mentioning that nail polish should not be applied immediately after cleaning or a nail bath, since the nails store water and the durability of the polish is affected.

The better the structure of the natural nail, the longer the nail polish will last at the tips. If the nail keratin splits, harmful environmental influences such as chemical cleaning products and so on may be able to penetrate the nail. This will affect the durability of the nail polish. Flaking can be prevented by sealing the nail polish and using a base and top coat.

A cotton cloth or cotton pads are perfect for this. First of all, cut the cloth/cotton pad into pieces that will cover all the nails. Then soak them in ANNY acetone-free nail polish remover, put them on the nails, and wrap aluminum foil around the tips of the nails. After about 3 minutes, even the most stubborn nail polish will be gone.

The use of special ANNY care products, such as ANNY SILICIUM NAIL POWER, helps damaged nails to recover.

As a general rule, ANNY nail polishes will last for an average of 7 days. However, this depends on the texture of the nails, and also on the type of nail polish. Special polishes such as sand and glitter polishes usually last longer than normal ones.

Nail polish should be applied with calm, smooth brush strokes. First apply a thin, even layer of color to the sides of the nail, and then to the middle. Then draw the brush from one side of the tip to the other to seal it. Once the first layer of polish is dry, a second layer of color can be applied to cover any unevenness and achieve a more intensive color result.

A top coat will help a manicure to last longer, and prevents signs of wear such as scratches. It will also freshen the color and lends a brilliant gloss when applied between two layers of color.

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