How-to Tutorials – ANNY shows you not only how to apply nail polish correctly, but also find inspiration for stylish nail designs and nail art.

Perfectly painted nails that even pros would envy. Only a dream?! No – it’s wishful thinking no more, thanks to ANNY tutorials!

We’ll give you all the tricks and tips you need to get to pro-level yourself and conjure up a stylish color statement on your fingernails. Our step-by-step instructions give you a foolproof way to apply nail polish flawlessly. From the epic ANNY range of over 100 trend colors, simply select your shade of choice and off you go!

Wait a moment! Stop! There’s just one thing we forgot to add: Perfectly painted nails depend on proper nail care. With innovative ANNY care products alongside nail polish tutorials for the correct application – nothing more stands in the way of you and your nails. And an extra care tip: A manicure is handing your hands a holiday – so treat yourself and your nails regularly.

And no-one at ANNY – a turbocharged trend brand itself – is going to upbraid you for wanting the very latest nail art. Whatever your nailist needs, from classic design to headturning hues; LA, New York, Miami or any other corner of the world, you will find the right nail design here.

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